The House of Belonging

A Mighty Kindness Community

About Us

The House of Belonging is an online community that offers free resources, conversation, and connection for you and your fellow seekers, skeptics, and scamps to support you on your spiritual journey. In addition to a professionally moderated community forum, The House of Belonging will offer multiple free community offerings throughout the month, including weekly invitations and discussions in our online home. Our paid circles will also include private online groups and forums that are conveniently accessible right from within The House of Belonging.

 At a Mighty Kindness we believe that indifference is the illness of our planet and kindness is the cure. 

Community Benefits

The House of Belonging (HoB) is hosted on a private community platform. We have very deliberately chosen to move away from other popular public platforms [ahem, Facebook] because we deeply value your privacy and safety. While HoB membership is free, you will be asked a few questions prior to having your membership approved. Additionally, HoB offers professional group moderation for members based on standard community guidelines (aka kind-lines) to ensure a level of ongoing engagement and support that meets our members’ needs. 

A Mighty Kindness and The House of Belonging are committed to providing a safe space for everyone. Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) principles are at the core of our values as an organization. We are committed to the ongoing education of our leadership circle, our community and circle facilitators, and provide resources for our staff and our community members.  Upon joining HoB, all members will be asked to sign a pledge to not actively commit harm within the community.


Community Support & Connection

The House of Belonging will offer a professionally-moderated forum for community members to ask questions, find resources, and participate in conversations on a wide variety of spiritual, philosophical, professional, and historical topics related to spirituality and infusing more spiritual practices and meaning into our lives and work.

Free Resources & Inspiration

Free community offerings are an essential part of nurturing our ongoing connection with each other in The House of Belonging. Each month, we will offer online invitations for discussion, reflection, as well as for celebration. Rev. Jessica Steward will also offer a monthly “Sermon on the Couch,” with post-sermon coffee and fellowship to enjoy conversation and camaraderie. The Prioress of The House of Belonging, Jen Trulson, will also offer Monthly Healing Circles that will include a mix of the community gathering to offer healing to one another or leading participants in a ritual for healing oneself.

Integrated Access to Paid Circles

While ongoing community discussions, support, connection, and free offerings are always available in The House of Belonging, inevitably you will be drawn to join one of our paid Book Circles, Creative Circles, or Inner Sanctum Circles. These circles will always offer a private online community component and will be fully accessible from within The House of Belonging to help create a seamless, integrated community experience.

How We Create Safer Spaces in Our Community

In order to create a sanctuary for all of our members, we require all members to follow our Community Kind-lines and to adhere to our Safer Spaces policy. We are also committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity for all members (JEDI) and use a group facilitation model that helps ensure we are creating a space that honors all of our community and circle members. Read more here before joining: